Lumen Icons

hand-written icons of women


Can you frame an icon?

Technically yes, but it will be tricky. An icon is written on wood (in my case MDF). There may be options, but you would need to talk to a framer. All icons now come with a sawtooth hook on the back if you want to hang the icon. If you want a picture, the print is a better option.

Will the icon be protected without a frame?

Yes. All icons are now sealed with a clear varnish that protects the icon. It makes the icon glossy and makes the paint look new. It should also withstand dust or things being spilt on it (although I don’t recommend this) if you wash it off gently with a soft cloth and water. Maybe don’t spill paint stripper on it though.

I have a deadline for when I need this icon, when should I contact you?

As soon as possible. Each icon takes around a month to complete, because I am studying full-time.

Why do icons always have people in them?

Because icons are a devotional aid to help people move into a transcendent/spiritual space. They are about connection and drawing you into the life of the church/the heavenly realm. Often icons are painted in “reverse perspective”, so that you, the viewer, are the focus of the icon. In other words, the icon views you. I don’t write icons in reverse perspective because unless you know about reverse perspective, the icon will look out of proportion and strange, which may limit the viewer’s capacity to connect. I think you can achieve the same effect (connection with the viewer) by writing faces that look directly at the viewer. Hence, you need a person.

Why is there no light source (or limited light source) in many of your icons?

Part of the theory behind icons is that an icon is situated in a transcendent space. (Most icons actually make the background look like the foreground (as part of the reverse perspective thing) to try to emphasise this. This messes with foreshortening, depth, all sorts of things.) The light that shines on the person in the icon is meant to be heavenly light, not earthly light. This means that everything is lit up by God’s light, reducing shadows, making it seem like there is no light source.

Can I have something that explains what my icon means?

Sure! But please request this in advance. Each icon is unique and I will need to factor in some time to write (in words) its meaning.

Can you write a repeat of an icon (can you paint me something you’ve already done)?

Technically, yes, but I try to restrict this. This isn’t a theological decision, it is a personal one. I am wanting to write as many different women as possible. I want lots of different, amazing women to be known about and this means limiting repeats of the well-known favourites. There. Are. So. Many. Women. Most, we don’t know much about. If you really like a particular person I’ve done, please consider getting a print. I may make exceptions from time to time, but generally, I want to write different things from what I’ve already done.

Can I pick up a print/sticker directly to save on shipping costs?

Unfortunately, no. Prints and stickers are made overseas and ship to you directly.

What do I do if I run into difficulties while purchasing?

Please contact me! You can do this through the website. The only way I know there’s a problem is if you let me know. I will absolutely want to make this work for you if I can!

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