Lumen Icons

hand-written icons of women


Iconography is a vast and rich discipline that stretches over hundreds of years. My own practice is still very new, and largely self-taught. I discovered iconography in 2020 and fell in love with the distinctive and very detailed style immediately. I love the idea of transferring theological meaning through images, that even small artistic decisions can have spiritual significance.

I am primarily interested in writing female icons. My theological style embraces the spiritual, sacramental nature of writing and interacting with icons while presenting women in diverse and empowering ways. My icons include a number of ethnicities, body shapes, and types of women. While there are some exceptions, purity is not usually a defining feature of the women I write. Many of the women I write are complex. It is my hope that dynamic and interesting women can help to add richness to the prayer lives of anyone who wishes to use icons.

© 2021 Hilary Willett